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Team Hawaii takes the win at the 2023 Hapalua

The Hapalua Half Marathon witnessed a remarkable performance by Team Hawaii, as they powered through the course and secured the top seven positions in the race. Hawaii’s most prominent half marathon event showcased the strength and determination of the local athletes in the 2023 edition.

This year’s race was particularly significant, as it marked the first time in many years that Team Hawaii claimed victory. Last year, Sharon Lokedi took home the title and subsequently triumphed at the prestigious New York City Marathon.

At the heart of the elite competition, known as “The Chase,” Zachary Lee emerged as the leader, crossing the finish line first. Hot on his heels were Davis Kaahanui and Michael Chin, who secured second and third places, respectively.

Lee had a 14-minute head start over top chasers Jacob Thomson and Matt Llano, and a seven-minute head start on Molly Seidel and Jessa Hanson. Despite the advantage, the chasers didn’t let up in their pursuit. Thomson, the first chaser to complete the race, clocked an impressive time of 1:04:57, maintaining a brisk pace of 4:48 per mile. Seidel and Hanson put forth strong efforts as well, finishing with times of 1:18:08 and 1:13:03, respectively.

The 2023 Hapalua Half Marathon saw a massive turnout, with 6,000 participants eager to test their limits and revel in the camaraderie of the running community. As the race concluded, it was clear that Team Hawaii had left an indelible mark on this year’s event, showcasing the remarkable talent of the islands’ athletes and reclaiming their spot at the top.

By News Team