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Chasers to Watch at the 2023 Hapalua: Molly Seidel, Jessa Hanson, Jacob Thomson, and Matt Llano

The 2023 Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half Marathon is just around the corner, and the excitement is building up. Set to take place on April 16 in Honolulu, this year’s race is expected to be an exhilarating one with four American elite professional runners – Molly Seidel, Jessa Hanson, Jacob Thomson, and Matt Llano – participating as Chasers in the thrilling Chase format.

The Chase format of the Hapalua provides an intriguing twist on the traditional half marathon. Team Hawaii, consisting of the best local runners, will receive a head start based on their recent race performances. The professional runners, or Chasers, then start at staggered intervals, attempting to chase down and pass the local runners before crossing the finish line.

Leading the pack of Chasers is Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly), an outstanding athlete with numerous achievements under her belt. She is best known for her debut marathon, the 2020 Olympic Trials, where she secured a spot on Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics. Since then, Seidel has continued to make waves in the running world, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Molly’s Instagram account (@bygolly.molly) offers a glimpse into her life as a professional runner, highlighting her training, races, and accomplishments. It also shows her love for her hometown of Boston, her adorable dog, and her quirky sense of humor. Drawing inspiration from her Instagram feed, it’s easy to see why fans are rooting for her and are excited to see her perform at the 2023 Hapalua.

Joining Seidel in the Chaser lineup are Jessa Hanson, Jacob Thomson, and Matt Llano. Each of these athletes brings their own unique strengths and accomplishments to the race. Hanson, a talented distance runner, has a passion for inspiring others through her performances, while Thomson, a strong competitor, is known for his impressive racing resume. Llano, a seasoned marathoner, brings experience and a competitive spirit to the group.

The 2023 Hapalua is shaping up to be a must-see event, with these four exceptional Chasers competing against Hawaii’s finest runners. The anticipation is building, as spectators eagerly await the chance to witness a thrilling race and cheer on their favorite athletes. Will Team Hawaii manage to maintain their lead, or will the Chasers close the gap and claim victory? The excitement will unfold on April 16th, so don’t miss this chance to be a part of the action at the 2023 Hapalua – Hawaii’s Half Marathon.



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