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2021 Hapalua – Race Update

The 2021 Hapalua will be virtual only


Due to the ongoing Covid situation, we will not hold the live 2021 Hapalua in April. The event will be virtual only.
We are bound by the regulations of the State of Hawaii, and mass participation events are not approved to be held in Hawaii at this time. 

If you were signed up for the 2020 Hapalua, you can transfer your entry to the virtual events or defer your entry to the 2022 Hapalua.  All entrants will be notified by email.

The Hawaii Hapalua Festival 
The virtual event will feature three event distances and a Festival area celebrating the rich history and heritage of running in Hawaii.
Registration will open in early February.

Run between April fools and Lei Day (May 1)
Complete any or all of the Hapalua festival distances wherever you are. Learn about the rich history of Hawaii at our Festival Area and run in the footsteps of the legendary King’s Runner.

The event month is April and participants should complete the distance between April fools and Lei Day (May 1).

Be a Big Kukini
The virtual event will be open to everyone and you can do one, two or all three event distances, The Big Kukini:

  • Ho’omaka – 5km
  • Hapalua iki – 10km
  • The Hapalua – 13.1miles


Virtual Race FAQ

Q. Will I have to pay for the 2021 Virtual events if I entered the 2020 Hapalua?

A. No, if you registered and paid for the live 2020 Hapalua, you will not need to pay for the virtual event registration. 

You will get an email with a code to transfer your Hapalua race entry to the virtual event. The Hapalua festival will have three event distances. Your transfer code will be valid for all three distances; 5k, 10k and the half-marathon. No payment will be required.
You will earn the event shirt as well as three medals, one for each distance!

If you prefer, you can defer your entry to the 2022 Hapalua. No action is required by you to defer. Simply do not use the transfer code to the virtual event and your entry will be deferred to 2022.


Q. Can anyone enter the Virtual events?

A. Yes, anyone can enter the virtual events. There will be a charge if you are not already registered for the live events.


Q. I entered the 2020 Hapalua, what are my options? 

      1. Transfer your entry to the virtual events. Participate in the 2021 Virtual events and receive the three 2021 medals and event shirt.
      2. Do nothing and your entry will be deferred free of charge to the 2022 Hapalua.


Q. If I complete the virtual events, will I get the official race medal and race shirt?

A. Yes, we will mail these to your home address.


Q. How does a virtual event work

A. A virtual event is when you run or walk the race distance anywhere you choose. You can run/walk in your own neighborhood or anywhere else that is safe and in Covid times, away from other people. Track the run using a GPS tracker such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin etc so you can submit evidence of your run.


Q. How do I submit the evidence of my run?

A. Once you have registered for any of the Hapalua Festival virtual race distances (5km, 10km, 13.1miles) you will be given access to your own account page where you can update your personal information and where you will submit evidence of your race.


Q. What type of evidence do you accept?

A.  The evidence can be a screenshot of your tracking app showing both the distance covered AND the time it took you to complete. You can use any tracking app such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin or any other tracking app. You can alternatively run on a treadmill and submit a photo of the treadmill dashboard. 

From April Fools to Lei Day
You’ve got any time from April 1 – May 1 to finish the distances you’ve selected.



Questions regarding the virtual race are directed to info@thehapalua.com

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